About J Price Higgins

About J Price Higgins

Here is how J Price Higgins described herself on September 25, 2011; 6 months before her death.

“Hi! Ooohhh are you in trouble. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to never ask a woman to tell you about herself? Hours later, she’s still talking and you’re trying hard to stay attentive when all you really want is a little peace and quiet! However, you ask so here goes.

This time around I’m also a widow–I think. Not absolutely positive, but that’s the rumor. Doesn’t really matter, though. 30 years gone qualifies. If you looked at my FceBook profile, you know my reading and music interests, so I won’t bore you with repetition. What the profile doesn’t tell you is my age, so let’s get that out of the way now. I am 80 yrs (May) with a long lifeline.

I favor exploring interesting locales, museums, zoos, theatre, the ocean, cats, and parrots. I hate housework, love being retired, seriously dislike how fast time disappears, seldom indulge, and smoke–outside. That could, I suppose, offset the long life my ancestors passed down through the ages!

I have a daughter, a granddaughter, and an 18 MO. old great grandson which is pretty awesome. I think of myself as a writer and perhaps will one day call myself a science fiction author. In the meantime, I’ll do my research, write my stories, and enjoy the satisfaction derived.

Life is good.”


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