When Two Becomes Thirty

When Two Becomes Thirty

Little did I know when my grandson was born that he would be living with me during the “terrible two’s.” I swear I don’t remember my daughter being so challenging. But, like childbirth, as we grow older we remember the sweeter side of life.

My daughter has her hands full with this little man. He seems to be very stubborn and strong-willed. While it may just be part of his “age”, the actions and decisions creating them are indications of a young man on the edge. But on the days when two becomes thirty, you just have to stand in awe.

Last night the community showed up for sweat lodge. We had about 15 maybe 18 people walking in and out of the house, dogs playing, and children watching TV, dancing, and coloring; it was a beautiful day. At the conclusion of the ceremony (for those of you who aren’t familiar) we smoke out the sacred pipe (cannupa)–everyone sitting in a circle.  Cayden was part of this. He sat quietly in his chair wearing only his diaper watching the adults and waiting for his turn.

For young children we will bless them by placing the stem of the pipe on each shoulder and at their heart.  When it was Cayden’s time, he gently held the stem and did exactly what the adults did—a simple blessing was not ‘the way’ for a big boy. He passed the cannupa on to the next person and continued to sit quietly in his chair, watching.

At little more than 2 years old, and he KNOWS ceremony in the way some adults forget.

The next generation is our future and we need to teach them the ways of the world. Beyond ‘yes ma’am and ‘no sir’, beyond ABC’s and ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  We need to show them the ways of all religion, of logic, and the big picture.  More importantly of right and wrong with a strong respect for all life.

I am proud of my grandson and my daughter who allows him to be part of my life.


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