The Spirit Chased

The Spirit Chased

I awoke to a knowing, a little frightened, and a bit more concerned.

A presence, undefined, carrying darkness and intent to harm. He followed me to every location regardless of distance; never quite catching up, but always near. From one city to the next, I met with friends, family, and acquaintance–anyone who I had ever been in the presence of–anyone who may have shared my energy, knowingly or unknown. That was the key. His soul purpose is to harm me and to do that he would not hesitate to extinguish anyone who I had touched. Death.

Energy, like a fingerprint, is left as a tracer of presence. Every person or object I came in contact with carries that signature, and erasing them is the key to my survival.

I traveled, as if by light, to warn my friends. “I cannot stay long because he will find me. You must break the connection between us.”  These words were shared a hundred times. Some used smudge, a feather, or a sword and golden light.  Others stared at me with questioning eyes. I showed them what to do…. after I left.

It is not only the energetic connection of the physical that needs clearing. The memories must also be released. The thread that binds us together has to be severed as well.

These are not the words of a dream but of the “He”.  If the web is broken, the threads dissolved, then there is no life and He has found me.

Not today. Not tomorrow.



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