Reality is a State of Mind


Each day we wake up with the opportunity to do and be better than we were the day before. We can apologize for yesterday and go about business as usual or we can change our reality. Simple enough if you really believe that reality is a state of mind. But what happens when you are given responsibility for the life of a child, parent, friend, or even stranger? Can you wake up the next day and have everything simply be ok? The hurt is gone, the hunger, the sadness, the guilt…all gone! I like that idea and there are days when it works.

I’ve often wondered if gang members wake up each morning with their first thought being one of some horrendous wrong doing. I picture these innocent little 7 or 8 year olds who were once filled with wonder and big ass smiles across their faces. And I also wonder why grown ups abuse their kids. You know they hated it when it happened to them–they knew it was wrong yet they continue the cycle. Do people who have had horrible things happen to them wake up every morning ready to inflict hurt and pain?

I remember getting beat by my step dad and watching him pick up my sister and nearly throw her out the 2nd story window. I remember blood on our jammies (we were 6 or 7) and how scared I was to even cry. I remember all the things he said and did to the entire family. And I remember getting up from the dinner table one night and walking out of the house because I was sick of his abusive comments. I also remember, after that, he didn’t come after me and he didn’t hurt me anymore.

Yes, reality is a state of mind and it is our state of mind that gives us the power to change who we are and why we are.

This post didn’t start out as a statement on abuse but I’m glad it ended up as such. There are a lot of people out there who suffer and believe they can’t change their lives. YOU CAN! I know how hard it is. There is always more to the story but the lesson is the same; “I matter”.

Please get up in the morning, put your feet on the floor and change your reality.


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  1. Wow, I think you are a very strong person. Living through abuse is something most do not talk about. I had a father that was abusive and my brothers pretend it never happened, my mother still has not recovered, mentally from it and I vow that it will never be tolerated in my life or of my loved ones. I suppose my first blog was about a ” verbal abuse” that I inflicted on my children yesterday morning and how it made me feel. Reading your blog has made me more aware how dispicable I was, even yelling at children is not right. Thanks for being so open xxx

    • Strength comes from many sources, and YOU are strong as well. I listen to my daughter yell at her son (2 1/2) about her being late for work. It sends shivers up my spine. Then I remember, I said those same things. My job as a grandmother is to show her a kinder and gentler way, and give her lots of kisses. Then a reality check.

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