12-pack of toilet paper


OMG  How Dare You. Really? What a Jerk.

Today has been one of those days. It started bright and early with an email filled with sounds of pity and anger, and was topped off at noon (exactly) with another one. Amazing how we give so much power to words on paper. How we take a bunch of letters, combine them, put them in some assemblage of order, and hit send without much more thought than that. We forget that humans are emotional and have a basic instinct to communicate with sound and facial expressions. We take that simple email and assign emotion to each word and attitude between each line.

Today, I let one individual have control of my self-confidence. I let this one person cast a shadow over my entire day because of a stupid and childish email. Really? “And all I got was a headache and tired eyes.

So I decided to buy him some diapers and put them on his desk. My boss suggested a 12-pack of toilet paper instead.


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