There is always one more.

There is  always one more.

Photo credit:Tom Heneghan

I found an old journal today.

Growing up I was taught that Sunday’s were ‘go to church’ day. We got up early and put on our pretty dresses and good shoes. Grabbed our Bible and it was off to church we went. I don’t remember much about what I learned or what I did. But I remember we did it every Sunday.

As I got older church quietly left my Sunday routine. It was replaced with other teachings. Mom had a way about her–yes indeed! I am so grateful for being allowed to explore my faith. But no matter what religion I studied there was always this rumbling that there was something more.

Today, I follow the Red Road and this past Sunday we attended our community sweat lodge (my church). Lots of prayers and songs, and good friends. When all the praying was done, we crawled out and slowly began our re-entry to this every day life–A/C, food, water, dogs, radio, golf. It was a good day. I felt really good and was grateful for all the blessings I had received over the years. How lucky I am.

As the people were leaving to go home the phone rang. It was friend I had not talked to in a month or so. She called to talk about the pain in her neck. It had gotten worse and now the left side of her body was affected. We talked for a while and I promised to make ‘ties’. I wished there was something more I could do. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in so much pain that you can’t hug or be hugged?

The people were gone now and I was left sitting quietly on the couch. Then I hear my mind say: “There is always one more person to pray for.”

…even after the ceremony is complete and the people go home, and the kids go to sleep, and the phone rings….


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  1. Reblogged this on The Healing Alliance and commented:
    I thought you might want to read this too. It touched me deeply. You know that when two hearts meet and souls touch. It was that kind of response. That feeling of, I know the essence of this person, beyond here and now. In some inexplicable way we share an understanding of the way of a world of prayer, healing and service. A world where all is possible, not easy necessarily, not neat and tidy. A place where we are being asked to color outside of the lines. I hope you enjoy it

    • I am honored. My first “re-blog”. I find that digging up old writings, discovering new thoughts and posting them here (no matter how silly) is addictive. I want to share the words with others in hopes of nudging a little something inside that makes them say “ah-ha”.

      I encourage all readers to contribute to Jo’s blog or this one. I also post on 20 Lines or Less. A very cool blog indeed.

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