Gifts of Change

Gifts of Change

There are days when everything is just perfect. All falls into place without effort, without expectation. Those are the really good days–the days that create a bubble of peace and contentment.

How do you stay connected to that moment in time? With the distractions of our everyday lives I find it easy to fall into a mood of sadness, disappointment, and even anger. (editor kicks in now and say, “oh no, you are just frustrated”). Even my conversations find a way of reinforcing the negative emotions of the day–rehashing old stories and arguments. STOP. Pull back and remember the happy place.

Rewind a week. I went to help some friends. No expectations, no preconceived ideas of what “work” I would be doing. I just went there to do what needed to be done at that moment in time. Three days later and it’s all magical. I could get really woo-woo here but the bottom line is that it was truly an amazing journey of self discovery and surrender. Sure there were nano-seconds of judgment but they could find no sustenance to feed upon so they simply evaporated.

I left knowing that I was much more than who I was when I arrived. I could never look at the world in the same way. How could I? My life was changed. Then the everyday life returns; work, laundry, pets, kids, bosses, bills.

Two years later and it’s hard to remember that day.

But I am no longer that person and those old memories will always look different. Even my reactions will change simply because I am three years older. I go to sleep knowing that I am much more that who I was in 2009. I do not look at the world in the same way, and I am blessed to have a job, clothing to launder, children and pets to hug, and money to spend.


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