When Doubt Challeges Back

When Doubt Challeges Back

Must be a month for roller coasters,

or maybe the effects of the full moon and the upcoming Blue Moon
–I’m not sure, but I am glad it is about over.

My emotions have ranged from totally chaotic, to frustrated, to tears. And I sit here trying to figure what I’m going to write, and why. Why is there a need to spill your guts about fears and emotions? I wonder if a study has been done on the demographics of the average blogger; how the topics disperse by gender, age, relationship status, wealth. It would be kind of interesting.

This morning I had to take my Ladybug to the vet. She’s been getting laser therapy for her knees. It’s been working, but this morning I was running late and about 8 minutes of waiting on the tech, I had to go leaving Lady for the day. Just before I walked out the door I turned around and asked if the doctor would check her out. Didn’t have a reason other than we were there so we might as well.

Home, dressed, and off to work. Two hours later a call comes in and they want to do more x-rays because Lady is in pain and has lost muscle mass in her legs.  Four hours later, I’ve played all the worse case scenarios in my head.

Doubt is a strong opponent. It can bring the strongest person to their knees, and definitely can influence a decision.

The trick is to remember that negative thoughts beget negative results.  I tried my best to stay positive and “know” that my best friend would be ok.  And she is.  Yes, there are some pretty serious issues with her back and knees, but nothing that requires surgery. That I am grateful for. …oh and for the credit card that just paid another $500 vet bill.


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