Grandma Etiquette

Grandma Etiquette

I remember a secret grandma code.

One that was never shared out loud but you always knew that Grandma’s had a special gift.  My mother had that gift. She could make candy magically appear in her hands every time I brought my daughter over for a visit. Sadly, she never shared her secret with me so I am unable to perform this feat. But I know there are other gifts just waiting to come out and play.

I remember my grandma; a stern woman who you NEVER challenged. That seemed to be the norm for all of my friends as well.  One day I was shopping in one of those big box stores. Two young men were walking down the aisle and their grandmother had stopped to pick up something from the shelves. The boy made a comment and grandma just looked at them and said ‘no’.  They turned around and replied, ‘yes mam’.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.

As my daughter grew up she only challenged grandma once.  I imagined that when it was my turn, it would be the same.  Not so much.

Every day is a challenge, every day he says ‘no grandma’. Every day he pushes back, trying to find the boundary lines. And almost every day he ends up in time out.

I look at my daughter hoping that she can make it all stop. I remind myself that it is not my job to discipline.  Then I remember my mom looking at me the same way. Jeezzzz mom, you could have warned me, you could have reminded me.

As a grandma and I love being one, I was hoping that I would get the nothing but hugs and kisses. That I could sit and read stories, sing songs, sew and bake. I didn’t want to put a sweet young boy in time out or paddle his bottom. I didn’t want to remember all the time I got spanked, and I didn’t want to lose my temper–ever.

Grandmas are special. They are soft and kind, and smell good. They are always home when you need them and sleep overs are the best.

I wouldn’t trade one minute of the challenges I face with this little man. He is amazing, just like his mom.  But it sure would be nice to just spoil him rotten.  Maybe for Christmas….


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  1. It’s funny, the memories of our childhood that just show up. Mom running her fingers through my hair, the “look”. Look forward to reading more of your adventures too. Thanks for the comments and the likes.

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