The Trade

The Trade

I’ve been lucky in my life. Tried a lot of things that were good for me, and many more that were not. I am lucky because I’m still alive and am not an addict. The conversations I’ve had with good friends about that subject have taught me a lot. I have learned that my ex-husband (now deceased) did not waste his life by drinking. I learned that you don’t start over, that you simply begin a new day–just like everyone else.

I do find it difficult to understand why one can’t put down the addiction. Why one can’t simply stop. Logic tells us to stop yet we continue. Our minds preview the movie day after day hoping that we’ll get the message and still we don’t.

This land of electronic communication has become one more addiction. We rush to the component that allows us to “reach out and touch someone” the fastest. We keeping checking to see if someone has sent a text or an email, or has commented on the random thoughts we posted just 5 minutes ago.

I am compelled to peek into the lives of others.

I am compelled to speak of my life through bits and bites versus the tongue.

A net has been cast over my ‘self’ and I am without scissors.

Tomorrow is another day.


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