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Weeding isn’t just for gardens

Weeding isn’t just for gardens

Every now and then we get caught in the weeds of life.

We trip over our words and our toes, and sometimes we just find it hard to get back up. It is up to our families to lend a hand or be the shoulder, and if you’re alone…it becomes the responsibility of our memories.

My weeds are about waist-high this week so tonight I thought I’d go through some of mom’s old computer files. We deleted a lot of stuff after her death, but boy did she save everything, sometimes twice. I kept hundreds of images knowing that there would  be some serious sorting to happen when I could find time; emotionally and literally.

Wandering among the little yellow folder (weeds in their own right), I stumbled upon names like; web art, house of golf, science, nature, Kit’s pics, and bible verses to name a few. Where do you start? I chose All Science.

Triple Helix. This had to be for the research she was doing for her novels. Stashed away in a folder called All Science, which makes perfect sense.  But then I found this little gem….

A rose by any other name is still a rose.  So what was the connection? Was it a brain challenge to see how the mind switches from the technical to the abstract in an instant, or maybe it was the resting place for the eyes after a long day of reading charts and text on the Harmonic Convergence.

or studying histology and inner workings of the human body.

A few folders down… here’s one that looks interesting – Beever Sidewalk Art

No…not that one. What about caves? Oh I love caves. Always wanted to go exploring…spelunking right?

Well, it’s clear that mom was a well-rounded woman. Definitely ahead of her time, and truly out of the box for someone born during the depression.  There are a lot of weeds stumble through. Some to be cut down, others nurtured so they can grow into beautiful wild flowers.

I’d like to share one more with you. Kinda captures the essence of my week.  Love you mom, wish you enough, and miss you every day.

Found this in a folder named Jackie. How perfect is that?