Would you have liked me in my 20’s?

Would you have liked me in my 20’s?

old school tattoosSitting at the restaurant two women walked in and sat at a table just across the way. Somewhere in their late 20’s, their arms freshly inked, I was drawn into their world. I wanted to know their conversations, I wanted to know who they were, so I excused myself from the table and went over and sat down with these strangers. It took everything I had to muster up the courage.

Recently a colleague  shared a comment to others in the office “I wish I knew her when she was in her 20’s”.  I’ve always thought of myself as the same. A little less spontaneous, but still daring enough to step out of the box now and then.

Have you ever stepped back from yourself and looked at who you are? I mean really look.  Who were you at age 20?

It was 1973, I joined the Navy to see the world. It was the Vietnam Era and I wanted to be a torpedo man. Passed the tests too, but they didn’t allow women on submarines yet. Took my oath on the USS Coral Sea. I need to find that clipping….  Met an officer, married him, divorced him and set sail to the great state of Texas.USS Coral Sea 1975

Life in my 20’s was pretty good. I remember one of my favorite things to do was dance. Being in Texas it was expected to patron Gilley’s. Rode the mechanical bull and drank a lot of beer. Had perm too.

Gilley's Mechanical Bull 

Isle of Wight Festival 1970

The 70’s brought a new culture. Do you remember the Isle of Wight festival? http://youtu.be/4wr8MmAT860

But there is also the dark side. Those are the years that all but faded. I remember a girlfriend telling me I could be an escort for some big bucks. I remember man lining out some white powder on a backgammon chip in a bar.

Would you have liked me in my 20’s? Maybe for a little while. The bigger question is do you remember me?


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