Controlling Destiny


WOW.  Reading posts and found the daily prompt
“Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?” 

That is a huge question and one who’s answer changes about as often as I change socks. Was it Destiny that brings me to this post, or simply that I chose to click another’s? The answer is YES. We control everything and nothing.

God creates (aka control) everything therefore we do not.

Yes, the Creator (by any name) is the source of all that is. If you trace back every tangible item, from bookshelves and heaters to the essence of life and beyond you find Creator. Try it. Look at any object around you…What is it made of, what is that made of, and that, and that, and that. Get the idea?

Trace the lives written in the Good Books back to their source.  What is the answer you get? On the surface it looks like we don’t have any control at all. If everything, every Life Texture was created before, thought before, dreamt before…what control do we have.

We all have a Purpose in this life and are given so much time to achieve that purpose.

There is a school of thought; when we die, if we haven’t completed our lesson we get to choose how we will come back, what we will experience. That could take the form of being wealthy or poor, handicapped or an athlete, to live a long life or only for a day.

We may not control how we live out that choice and maybe that is called fate, but at some point we have control.

Choices, free will, and the ability to think from both sides of our brain

And there is that whole Free Will thing.  We have the freedom (well most of us) to choose how we live our life. The choices we make may change today’s destiny and delay the final outcome, yet in the end we are right back where we started; naked.

Madagascar lead


 I would love to read your thoughts on this question.

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