Every Now and Then I Get on My Soapbox


Had one of those random thoughts early this morning: create a video of the atrocities the  US has done to the people in the past 200 years. Don’t identify that it is our government, and present it as a call to action. I’m sure this has been done…

but maybe this time ‘we’ will stand up and say OMG, we need to punish them for these crimes. (after all we punished Hitler, et. al.)

But how do we punish our own government without further destruction of the system? Would it make a difference, really?  Found this article. It’s violent and disturbing, so if you are sensitive, consider yourself warned: 12 Atrocities Ignored

Everyday I read or hear about something we have done to other cultures. Every day I hear about what ‘we’ are doing to stop the same crimes happening in other countries but we do nothing to stop them here.  What’s up with that?

Is the US so powerful that they are exempt from punishment. Are the select few so important that they get away with the murder of entire cultures and belief systems? 

A powerful story that touches on a small piece of the Native American story. So many stories and too many to share here. Why is our government so afraid  the Native Americans?  Why do they keep people like Leonard Peltier locked up and the free others who rape and kill little children.


What Have I Done?

Then there are the crimes we committed to the people during WWII, Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Storm. Not only did we kill or torture people, we asked our own soldiers to commit these crimes.  What about the Vets who were on special assignments and there is no record. No record = no benefits/help. 

I could go on but I’m getting really mad. Mad at myself for spending all these years as an ostrich. For ignoring what has been going on around me and doing nothing.

There is so much to learn about the system and how to work it. It may be too late for me, but it’s not too late for the next generation. What I can do is get the soapbox out a little more often and maybe, just maybe share a story that may spark a fire.


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  1. I agree completely. I live in Canada, but our government is no better. Natives live in poverty, their children become addicted to alcohol or drugs, suicide rates are almost at epidemic level, their education is poor. If we keep writing about these things, perhaps something will be done.

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