Dancing In The Dream…


A blog from a dear man who dances an amazing dance of life. I hope you enjoy reading his story and follow his blog. Brad Archote is one of few REAL people I know.

Brad Archote

‏Today, really the past few months, I have been on a wild roller-coaster ride with my health. I am in complete surrender to Creator/God, as I am completely in the hands of the Holy Spirit. I am blessed even at my lowest and I know that there is so much terrible suffering going on in the lives of Relatives around the world. Children, elderly folks, and all Peoples that are having their lives ripped apart in wars and conflicts are in so much suffering compared to my own levels of pain and discomfort.

‏Today I have more energy and clarity than I have had in a couple of months. Numerous things I attribute this to, like God, prayers of many Relatives and Relations I am blessed to have in my life, good environment, natural medicines, clean air and water where I live in the mountains. Also, if it weren’t for…

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About jjoyv

A mom and grandma, I am working to capture and publish the works of my mom who left this world on March 13, 2012. Also trying to balance life, family, work, and set up a home-based business.

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