What do you really want to know about breast cancer reconstruction?


Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Breast Cancer is scary at best and my heart goes out to the millions of women who are faced with this diagnosis. But when it comes to finding answers about options, the patient is often reliant upon the doctors for guidance.  Sure there are some amazing sites that have a ton of information but when I started searching for reconstruction options and recovery, not so much.

I have been asked to help develop a website and blog that focuses on Breast Reconstruction. It’s all about educating men and women on the options, risks, rights, and more in regards to reconstruction.

So I’m asking those men or women out there if they would be willing to share what questions  you have or had about reconstruction after a lumpectomy or full mastectomy? If you are a survivor and have gone through reconstruction, what questions do you wish you had asked?


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