Our Economy is Forcing Me to Grow Vegetables.


I went shopping the other day and was shocked at how the prices keep rising. A loaf of bread was nearly $4. Four bucks for processed flour that we shouldn’t be eating anyway. As I wandered down the aisles looking for somewhat healthy foods that wouldn’t raise my cholesterol or knock me out with a sugar crash, I determined that I need to start growing my own vegetables. Heck you ‘they’ say you can juice anything and at least I’d know it was really organic. But how do I start?  INTERNET!!!!!

At my age, the last thing I want to do is till up my Texas gumbo or build a fence to protect everything from the dog and 6 cats. Yes…I have 6 cats and 3 spend their days and nights wandering through the yard. Anyway,  I decided on container and vertical gardening, which led me to think about planting containers.  How much depth does a carrot need to grow? What about potatoes…yum…home grown potatoes. How fabulous.

If you lived in my head I bet you can guess what happened next.  Bugs. I’ll need a bat house to eat flying bugs, a net to keep the birds off, bees to pollinate. Can I start a beehive too?  hmmmmm.

Back to containers.

container-vegetable-garden1-400x266Check out what I found. A picture using storage tubs and 5 gallon buckets from your favorite home improvement center! I love the orange ones and I could paint the white ones to look like a rainbow.  How beautiful. How simple.  So off I go to gather my old tubs and buy some new buckets.  You know, I think some old metal pails would look cute for herbs too. Oh and carrots need 6-10″ of dirt.

I hope to share some more pictures about my garden, and I promise, if I try the bee thing I’ll share that as well.


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