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Finding Purpose at 60


You know when you reach a certain age your perspectives on, well everything… change. Money is no longer the priority. Family is grown and moved away (actually mine is on a road trip being a gypsy), and even friends take a back seat to everyday life.

Forshutterstock_85004845 the past six months, I’ve sat or paced the floors. I work from home and love it, but sometimes it is difficult to just get up and move. Every day starts with the same routine; feed the animals, make coffee, watch a cooking show, check Facebook, emails, and any other social media avenue that provides me with distraction. And yes, I remain in my jammies more days than not. That’s the  best part of my job.

I have the hours I need to bill out down to a science and know that there are more hours in a week to play than I need to work…so play is the goal of the day. What should I do today? Shopping, Reading, Volunteering at the Zoo, Bowling, Movies, Dancing, Karaoke, Hanging out with friends? None of this really appeals to me anymore.

What the hell do I want to do with the rest of my years? What do I want to learn or re-learn?  Bottom line…what makes me happy?

At my age, and trust me it’s just a number, society starts to look at you differently. Yes, you have experience but you’re gray…you’re old.  A fine figure, a little arthritis, but put some lipstick on and oh baby…  I miss working with a team of people. The talking and idea making and having lunch together a few times a week. The flip side is ‘management’ still thinks most women (not all) just don’t understand business so they tend to stifle opinions. But this isn’t about glass ceilings and stupid men whose egos refuse to accept the fact that women are really making all the decisions; we just let them think it was their idea.

Shit, I’m too young to collect social security, but it looks like there isn’t any left anyway.  Sure hope you younger wage earners have a back up plan.

2013 Congressional Budget Office Report on SSI Projections

2013 Congressional Budget Office Report on SSI Projections

That’s an eye opener; work for 40+ years, no savings, late-in-life student loans, and no steady paycheck. What happened to retiring at 50 with a pension?  Ha ha…maybe if you’re in politics. Found this chart interesting. So if I default on the student loans will ‘they’ reduce my SSI paycheck to offset their loss?  Maybe I shouldn’t say that here, but it’s clear they already spent my contributions on someone else.  Who knows maybe  I can charge them interest or we could just make a better deal.

Ok, not going to take on a corporate job paying $$ and not going to work at Walmart either. I’ve got at least two more years before I can collect the ‘temporary forced retirement money’ I’ve  been paying into for decades. So what is a girl to do?

What ever the hell makes me the happiest–that’s what!

The wonder of reaching an age beyond shots at the bar gives me a lot of very cool memories.  So I took a little journey.

What I’ve 20150710_151458discovered that gives me a reason to get up and move is quilting. Yes, I know this is a huge shift in topics. But I discovered that when I am playing with textiles, I am the happiest.

I’ve always known this, but the other day I found out that choosing colors and patterns friggin cleared my head.  My mind actually worked better. I was thinking again, and the ideas were as clear as if I was reading a book. It was a form of brain exercising that wasn’t online or flash cards. I had to use every sense I was given, including hearing myself scream when I cut the fabric crooked. My math teacher would have been proud of my use of fractions and angles.

So…I am not a great quilter, but I’m learning. I have the ability to make something beautiful and simply give it away, or I can chose to sell them on my Etsy shop.

Find what makes you happy and gives you purpose. It doesn’t matter what that is, just as long as it gets you to turn off the TV and turn up the radio and roll down the windows.  Take the first step and then go rock life!

In the Summertime: Turn it up and roll down your windows.


Have you ever captured someone’s story in mere words?


Eagle Nest Butte South Dakota; Photographer–Me

We are a compilation of a million memories–journeys.  Each take us down a path, wander around a stream of thoughts, and often bring us to our knees. My hope is to capture that journey and turn it in to an expression of art using textiles of all kinds; Journey Cloth. This is the first one as translated into words.

Michelle’s Journey

When the dawn appeared  a prayer was realized. I ran through the fields without worry and became one with the creator. The story continues and encompasses the souls who struggle with human existence. The emotions overflow into the cup of humanity. It washes their minds and clears the fear. Creator I am humbled before you and have turned away from the human wants and desires. I am but a vessel for your work. Thank you. To realize that I am that I am and will always be–Your Servant.

Michelle is an artist, a sun dancer, a mother, and a friend. She lives modestly and spends most of her hours helping others through their emotional challenges. Michelle is a counselor, a coach, an herbalist, a healer. All of this and she still finds time to volunteer, sew quilts (one a month believe it or not), pours a community lodge 4 hours from home, and have me over for dinner every now and then.

What words define who you are? ja09_books_creative_writing

Controlling Destiny


WOW.  Reading posts and found the daily prompt
“Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?” 

That is a huge question and one who’s answer changes about as often as I change socks. Was it Destiny that brings me to this post, or simply that I chose to click another’s? The answer is YES. We control everything and nothing.

God creates (aka control) everything therefore we do not.

Yes, the Creator (by any name) is the source of all that is. If you trace back every tangible item, from bookshelves and heaters to the essence of life and beyond you find Creator. Try it. Look at any object around you…What is it made of, what is that made of, and that, and that, and that. Get the idea?

Trace the lives written in the Good Books back to their source.  What is the answer you get? On the surface it looks like we don’t have any control at all. If everything, every Life Texture was created before, thought before, dreamt before…what control do we have.

We all have a Purpose in this life and are given so much time to achieve that purpose.

There is a school of thought; when we die, if we haven’t completed our lesson we get to choose how we will come back, what we will experience. That could take the form of being wealthy or poor, handicapped or an athlete, to live a long life or only for a day.

We may not control how we live out that choice and maybe that is called fate, but at some point we have control.

Choices, free will, and the ability to think from both sides of our brain

And there is that whole Free Will thing.  We have the freedom (well most of us) to choose how we live our life. The choices we make may change today’s destiny and delay the final outcome, yet in the end we are right back where we started; naked.

Madagascar lead


 I would love to read your thoughts on this question.

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