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Have you ever captured someone’s story in mere words?


Eagle Nest Butte South Dakota; Photographer–Me

We are a compilation of a million memories–journeys.  Each take us down a path, wander around a stream of thoughts, and often bring us to our knees. My hope is to capture that journey and turn it in to an expression of art using textiles of all kinds; Journey Cloth. This is the first one as translated into words.

Michelle’s Journey

When the dawn appeared  a prayer was realized. I ran through the fields without worry and became one with the creator. The story continues and encompasses the souls who struggle with human existence. The emotions overflow into the cup of humanity. It washes their minds and clears the fear. Creator I am humbled before you and have turned away from the human wants and desires. I am but a vessel for your work. Thank you. To realize that I am that I am and will always be–Your Servant.

Michelle is an artist, a sun dancer, a mother, and a friend. She lives modestly and spends most of her hours helping others through their emotional challenges. Michelle is a counselor, a coach, an herbalist, a healer. All of this and she still finds time to volunteer, sew quilts (one a month believe it or not), pours a community lodge 4 hours from home, and have me over for dinner every now and then.

What words define who you are? ja09_books_creative_writing